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3D levelling systems

EuroScale as direct partner and official distributor of manufacturers provides right services with the best support behind for every application. Our “all-around-the-machine” philosophy ensure our customers having the best product, service and support beside the highest quality of installations.

EUROLEVEL 3D levelling – 3D Excavator Guidance System

The AI ​​Artificial Intelligence-based 3D DIGGING and LEVELLING control system with state-of-the-art technology is capable of creating high-precision slope, level and bottom slopes with centimeter accuracy. With a 10.1 „LED touch screen control unit, the 4G and RTK base stations can handle an unlimited number of implements within a 5 km radius.

In addition to receiving CAD / CAM-based architect drawings, you can manually enter surfaces for simpler jobs with a few details.

The „old-fashioned” 2D control is no longer included in our offer, as it is uncompetitive in terms of price / value ratio.

High precision –Tasks visualization –Safety guarantee

The GNSS antenna and multifunctional sensor technology result in precise work and the highest efficiency for any operator with different skills. Safety guarantees, cost reductions and increased efficiency are the biggest challenges in the construction industry today.

Safety working in communal area where depth is limited due electric cables, drains or waterpipes.


  • The latest AI technology far surpasses the 10-20 year technical level of competitive products
  • Even with 24/7 technical support and with remote online support directly in the machine
  • Unbeatable value for money


  • Static Accuracy +/- 3cm, Dynamic Accuracy +/- 5cm
  • 3D visual guidance on screen – turn machine in every position
  • E-Fence virtual safety limits – avoiding from damages, harm or accidents
  • Continue from Breakpoint
  • Adaptive self-learning software technology
  • RTK and 4G assistance for highest accuracy with real 3D sensors
  • Real-time visualization of bucket position and coordinates
  • CAD file import or upload via 4G network from office
  • Level 2: self-autonomous operation
  • Tilt-bucket option

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