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Active safety systems

EuroScale as direct partner and official distributor of manufacturers provides right services with the best support behind for every application. Our “all-around-the-machine” philosophy ensure our customers having the best product, service and support beside the highest quality of installations.

Active Safety – on board

Safety is first today!

Meaning of safety is always a question of different viewpoints:

            Safety of human, human health

            Safety of smooth operation without stops or extreme damages and costs

            Safety of legal operation in the working rules

EuroScale is committed to maximizing human, material and operation safety and therefore offers safety equipment that meets the interests of its users.

Respa Cabin filtering System for Operators’ health – Cab Air Quality Systems

A Cabin Air Quality System is a system designed to filter dirt and dust particles, toxic gases and vapors from the ambient air, after which the purified air is blown into the cabin via the HVAC system (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

By providing more air to the cabin than what can leak out, a positive pressure is created. This results in air not being able to enter the closed cabin other than through the RESPA filter system.

With our RESPA® Cabin Air Quality System we offer an affordable, effective solution against harmful, respirable particles and gases.

Using Respa® Cab Air Quality Filters gives following advantages:

  • Freshandclean air for the operator, healthy environment
  • Extrem long lifetime for HVAC system due no clogs by drainwater and dust – extended lifetime for HVAC compressor
  • Safe operation of all electronics in the cabin

Greensight Active Safety System for all moving machine and vehicles

Main problem in high-trafic area is the high risk or human accidents or damages of machine or vehicles. Greensight on-board safety system gives an ultimate solution for work in most safe conditions.

Greensightnever sleeps or tired! Our radar technology is always working in the background without boring operator or require his continuous attention.Greensight only alarms before the danger is present providing comfortable and safe operation of any vehicle. The 120°, 270°or 360°camera system complements operators’ senses in real time and give warning only when it is necessary.

Forklift trucks, wheel loaders, truck or even trains could be equipped with Greensightcamera, radar or these combined system.

Safety has become more important due to

  • Stricter safety regulations
  • Excessive liability claims
  • Company image

Optimum use of vehicles and machines

  • It’s all about ‘Uptime’!

Focus on Total Cost of Ownership

  • Repair & Maintenance costs
  • Direct and indirect costs (administration and insurance)

Increased traffic density and growing number of accidents

Need to eliminate blind spots!

Sykloneand Vortex Engine prefiltering system

Air filters are essential fortheengine and the air that your engine ‘breathes’needs to be as clean as possible. A short filter life is an often accepted situation industy workingconditions. Excessivewear and damagetothe engine due to dustcontaminated oil is a common occurance.

Syklone’s Series 9000 passive prefilters are usually factory equipped products avoiding engines from dust. Their cleaning efficiency are only 66% though they are generally used for low contaminated areas.

For medium and high risk of dust, sand or in-air particles or gases we support the  XLR Powered Precleaner® and Vortex® Precleaner systems.

With the XLR PoweredPrecleaner® we offer the ultimate solutionfor maximum filter life in the most impossible working conditions.

A typical air precleanerdoesnotperformwell in the full engine speedrange and is not more efficientthan 80% on particles of 5 micronsor larger.

The XLR Powered Precleaner® is a filtersystem that removes99.99% of ISO 5011 particulate matter, from idle speed to fullengine power!


  • Optimal performance, from idle speed to full engine power.
  • Enlarge and maximize lifetime of engine’s DFP exhaust cleaning system which is one of highest cost when clogged and requires replacement.
  • Removes 99.99% of ISO 5011 particulatematter and filtersupto
    25 times more efficientlythanyour original, OEM air filter.
  • The XLR® filter can last upto 100 timeslongerthanyouroriginal
    OEM filter.
  • You will never have to replaceyouroriginal, OEM air filter dueto
    dust saturation again!
  • The engine oil remains clean, preventingexcessivewearon
    the engine.

TPMS Tyre Pressure Management System

Standard OEM TPMS units workcorrectly providing basic safety to driver of rubber-wheeled vehicles.

For higher standards of safety EuroScale presents Outset TPMS system which provides extremely high limits:

  • 3 levels of low-pressure alarms (-15% -20% -50%)
  • 1 level of high-pressure (+15%)
  • Temperature Alarm (over 90°C)

Optimal tyre pressure gives highest comfort of driving and safe balance of the vehicle beside of optimal wear and lifetime of tyres. Due less pressure the tyres’ lifetime reduced, risk of unbalanced vehicle for accident increases.

Low air-pressure causes real short lifetime of quarry machines (loaders) too which is a really painful event for the owner or operator.

Using TPMS your costs (fuel, tyre, maintenance, damages) will be highly reduced!

Due new technology of Outset TPMS we can forecast Drivers’ attention of the risk of sudden blow-out of tyre which causes the most extreme accidents on highway.

            TPSM means minimizing cost and risk and could be saving many lives!

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