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AGS for Excavators, for Wheel Loaders, Front loaders, Telescopic Loaders, Special loaders:

General AGS Automatic Greasing Systems and Speciality

Today the AGS Automatic Greasing Systems are a part of the machine working in heavy and dirty conditions. 

The continous and precise-dosed greasing not only enlarges machine’s lifetime but reducesthe operational costs within minimum 30%. Increasing useful workhours and safety ofoperation, also giving more comfortable work for the operator too.

Our EUROGREASE programfor Construction Machinesincludes the most reliable autolube solutions formachinery.

EuroScale launches its EUROGREEN program to meet higher environmental standards.

All mobile grease pumps has high delivery grease output with 2,5 – 3,5 ccm/min.

High delivery feeds more grease to supply enough quantity for the big machines and reduce operation time (and wear) of the pump itself.

AGS for Excavators, for Wheel Loaders, Front loaders, Telescopic Loaders, Special loaders:

  • Digital controlled high-delivery and high-pressure automatic grease pumps 
  • Tank capacity of pump is from 1kg upto 18kg of – according to lubrication need of machines. As bigger machine is as more tank capacity we offer.
  • Pump Station of AGS system set as an exchangeable unit for quick maintenance with emergency greasing port for the system.
  • For Excavators all greasing points are connected into AGS system including the lubepoints of the dogbone and bucket.
  • Every system is designed for the operation – EuroGrease is not an average standard but before installation we take notice on the working conditions of the machine:
    • Excavators working underwater set with a dual-greasing system: one system with Li-based lubricant for the general part of the machine and one extra greasing system with Ca-based water-resistant system for the arm and bucket area to avoid machine from extra wear and corrosion.
    • Heavy Duty installation with rigid metal tubing and metal-reinforced hydraulic hoses on the arm and bucket area to provide extra lifetime and less maintenance of system.
    • Operator allowed to monitor the whole system from the cabin: the control button starts extra greasing cycles and check-lamps gives feedback about status of system or indicates alarm on lubrication.
    • Systems are always under control: alarming on low-level of greasetank, blockage of greasing or extra wear of pumping unit or fault of overpressure safety valve.
  • Each EuroGrease AGS has more labelling:
    • Stickers on the Grease Pump indicating the right type of lubricant and service phone numbers
    • Sticker in the Cabin (near Control Button) as a short Operator Manual
    • Warranty Sealing Sticker on top of the tank (if necessary) avoiding opening of tank and unproper re-filling
  • For every AGS system we provide the quick refilling port into Grease Pump and provide a free-of-charge manual filling pump for 400gr cartridge of grease
  • All Wheel loader AGS has a right chosen place which is in sight of the operator
  • For telescopic loaders EuroGrease systems also available: standard installation for the body of the machine and a centralized manual lubrication point on the end of the boom. When local support is present to dismount the telescopic arm we are able to connect the “head” bucket points into base automatic system.
  • All mini and midi machines have special tube protection with stainless steel spiral coils to avoid of any damage

Special Automatic Greasing Systems from EuroScale:

EUROGREASE for long-reach and underwater excavators: for longreach boom excavators EuroGrease offers lubrication pump with higher capacity tank (min. 8 kg) and two different pumping element to feed more enough grease for the bucket. Excavators excavating under water are equipped with a Dual Greasing System.

BACKHOE loaders have also dual AGS systems with 2 small greasepumps: one for the front machine and one fro the excavator-part. Each system is in sync to the machine operation.

Machines working in rough and in stone-fall hazard area we provide extra protection shields for the grease pumps and for the tubing.

In our range we offer several type and products of Greasing Systems for mobile machines with combination of very positive experiences from each Brand on the market.

We cooperate with the represented manufacturers and have the most updated experience how to design and install the best fit AGS (Automatic Greasing System) to our customers.

Groeneveld (NL) is OEM supplier for Volvo, Caterpillar and Komatsu due one of the most reliable and heavy-duty greasing systems they have (e.g. TWIN),

Dropsa and ILC use same progressive systems as SKF/Lincoln/Vogel or Bekamax which are used for cheap greasing solution for e.g. Liebherr, JCB earthmoving machines.

Raasm from Italy has most experiences manufacturing metal greasepumps for longer lifetime and into areas where resonance or concussion are high.

The well-known Groeneveld TWIN system we offer as an OEM Factory Kit for retrofit installation too. TWIN is a maintenance-free, relaibel systems for a lifetime…

Progressive systems are most popular due its easy operation and low-cost pricing.

When selecting an AGS system it is always worth to check on its functionality and operation: today it is no sense to give money for an un-monitored system. The most important feature aresensoring the progressive main dividers to control the dosing of the grease continouslyaccure in winter/summertime…

Other important features to keep in mind:

Monitoring tank grease level and giving ALARM on failures right inside the operator Cabin, or having digital display for easy monitor and setup of greasing amount and intervals.

Variable tank size is getting more and more important for machines too.

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