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Check out our nozzles during use

The number of nozzle applications is endless, and our database is constantly expanding. If we did have to list the main, most common applications, we would present the following.

Nozzle application types

Surface threatment

Pretreatment tunnels, spray wreaths, KTL lines, immersion vats, rinsing vats are all areas of application for ball nozzles and nozzle systems. Ball or memory nozzles with clip and tube clamps with adjustable spray direction.

Tank washing

Washing, cleaning and rinsing of tanks mainly in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Rotating and fixed head solutions, CIP heads and CIP systems in plastic or acid-resistant material quality, also in ATEX design.

Environmental Protection

Complete systems and nozzle lances for environmental protection applications. DeNOx, SCR, SNCR, flue gas desulphurisation, clinker cooling. Nozzle lances according to unique requirements.

Fire protection

In the oil industry, for external cooling of the tank’s casting, for fire protection purposes, to prevent explosion. ÉMI licensed nozzles in numerous sizes.

Fire protection nozzles, extinguishing with water mist and sprinkler heads for fire protection systems.

Steel industry

Continuous casting, cilinder mantle cooling, pickling, blowing, emulsion blowing, cooling. All are steel industrial processes that require the use of nozzles.

Nozzle lances

Custom designed nozzle lances, sprinkler tubes, custom nozzle layout, length and sizing.

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, nozzles are used for many tasks, such as tank washing, cooling of the tank’s mantle, atomizing materials into pipes and liquids, absorption, droplet separation, washing tasks etc.

Car washing

Nozzles of car washes for low and high pressure, flat jet and needle jet nozzles, and full cone nozzles for pre-soaking.


Nozzles for wineries for tank and bottle washing and other cleaning tasks, as well as for blowing and drying.

Snow cannons

Special nozzles for snow cannons.

Food industry

Nozzles for the food industry: conveyor lubrication and wetting, compartment and box washing, tank washing, fruit washing equipment nozzles, drying, blowing, etc.

Street cleaning

Flat jet nozzles in metal and plastic design for machines used for street cleaning.

Disinfection equipment

Monojet self-developed disinfection gates for people and trucks.

Unique, customized design to suit your needs. Different sizes, with equipment on request.

Mobile indoor disinfectant station

The DesintAir mobile disinfection device is a new development of the MOS technique, which has been invented specifically for high-efficiency disinfection of interiors, thanks to special dry mist-forming nozzles.

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