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Dosing scales and systems on industrial silos, transport systems

Dosing scales and systems on industrial silos

Dosing and transporting

Dosing and transporting bulk materials is a daily task but become more important to load materials with the highest accuracy. Losing a few grams in the process can mean a huge loss in the end, and the correctness of the accounting can also be jeopardized.

In addition of wide range of scales from EUROWEIGH INDUSTRIAL solutions we also offer control and monitoring software to manage accurate accounting and dosing.

Our batch software and multifunctional weighing displays provide a large scale of simple or multi-dosage from silos or containers.

The E-belt program offers you many of belt scales from the most easyupto the really advanced multi-belt solutions.

Our one of best “basic” display CPWE can be used for weighing of tanks, silos, static or belts.

      CPWE software range:

  • Totalization and formula weighing
  • Piece and price counting
  • Weighbridge in/out traffic control and weighing
  • Checkweighing: statistical checking of prepacked goods
  • Computing and Labelling of goods
  • Dynamic and static axle weighing
  • Multicomponent dosing and mixing for loading and unloading
  • Belt weighing and controlling
  • Continuous dosage control

The advanced Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise free-programmable weighing PLC gives unlimited possibilities even with 8 independent inputs (scales, belts) and a very various kind of analogue and industrial outputs like Modbus, Profinet, Fieldbus, Profibus, etc.

Freedom of customization for your production process and connection to existing standard process-controls

Many of standard, special or custom-fit weighing equipments are available so please contact our experts for your information.

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