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Nozzle lances

Nozzle lances

In many applications, not only a nozzle or nozzles may be required, but also spray rods and nozzle lances.

Nozzle lances

The essence of the lances is that it functions as an extension of the nozzle, thereby get in the medium to be sprayed into places where the nozzle’s own length would not be sufficient. The nozzle can have an ANSI or DIN flange connection or a threaded connection.

The lance itself (the tube section) is defined by the flow capacity of the nozzle or nozzles thereon. All this requires the use of the suitable pump regarding to the operating point. (p, Q)

The nozzle lances are usually provided with an axial or tangential full cone or hollow cone nozzles.

The lance is mostly used for power plant and environmental applications. Typical applications are scrubbing, absorption, air spraying, gas separation, etc.

The lances can be single-medium (hydraulic principle, only the presence of a liquid medium) or duo-medium (in addition to a liquid medium, the presence of an atomizing air medium), in which case auxiliary air assists the atomization.

Spray pipes and balconies

By spray rods or nozzle rods is meant a complete and assembled row of nozzles.

In practice, it is a matter of selecting the appropriate nozzle type for a given application (based on flow capacity, pressure, spray angle, installation height, etc.) and then determining the number of nozzles, the overlap between the nozzles, the installation height of the nozzles and the mounting position.

The diameter and length of the tube are scaled to the nozzles and the appropriate centrifugal pump is selected. Typical applications e.g. conveyor belt washing, track wetting, drying, blow-off, etc.

Nozzle line with dovetail nozzles

Application: conveyor belt wetting in a cheese factory

Unique nozzle selection, sizing, pump selection and complete nozzle system design

We undertake the preparation, planning and development of special designs on request!

Nozzle rod designed with dovetail nozzles

Application: cheese plant conveyor wetting; custom sizing, pump selection, nozzle line design

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