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On board Weighing Systems

On-board weighing is essential for today’s accurate accounting and mostly it is a legal question.

We at EuroScale provide the leading technologies for weighing on-board in the cabin and expanded with data-transmission and management from the smallest upto the largest machines.

Choosing the best fit weighing system for loaders you need to keep in mind two important question however most of customer makes decision on price.

By our philosophy the two most important base of decision should be

  • what is the function the scale is for?
  • for how long time is scale required?

Answer for first question is when using weighing is for oneself, in a low-trafic site and not needed to invoice by the weighing ticket customer should use the Control Weighing. 

When continuous, much-trafic site is or invoicing is based on printing tickets customer should choose the legal for trade versions of weighing systems.

Not all the same when the loaded truck is weighed again by a weighbridge before entering to public roads or customer uses many loaders and data should be collected to central office.

Important also what functions are really required for the accurate work? Do I give printed weighing ticket to truck drivers or I want to collect the information for following managementreports.

​Must be decide if the loader works in standard or really heavy conditions in the site because when site surface is dimpled or slope the weighing must be compensated. 

Our scales from Topcon, Tamtron or Dini Argeo meets the highest standards with many useful operation features:

Onboard Weighing Systems for Wheel Loaders, Skidsteer loaders or telescopic loaders:

Basic STATIC weighing for small wheel loaders (<12 tons) or Skidsteer loaders is Dini Argeo’s LTP.

By very low budget and low traffic LTP gives an accurate weighing result. When bucket lifted and stopped at reference point the weighing is done in seconds. Manuall add bucket weight into total and when finishing loadings just open memory and dear / print total number of buckets and summarized weight loaded into truck.

LTP is ideal for smaller building material trade, for small or backhoe loaders work in communal tasks.

LTP scale is connected into machine’s hydraulic and electric system and installation and calibration could be even done by the customer.

The control weighingcan be performed in the most efficient way with the Topcon Weighlog 300 or with Alpha10 scales.

The dynamic weighing give highest comfort and speed for the loading beside the scales have many new and useful feature to sort information regarding to the load, beside operation is automatically and easy.

Alpha10 scale is ideal choice for fast and accurate weighing in quarries, by road construction and wherever measurements is required.

Can be calibrated upto 9 different attachments (e.g. small bucket, big bucket, fork, mixer bucket, bale cather, etc.)

Standard USB port allows uploading database information (e.g. Customer or Materials) and download weighing result into csv (Excel) format for managing all information.

Optional thermo printer can be attached which provide legal weighing ticket for road transport.

We offer Weighlog 300 more for Agri field and Alpha 10 scale both for Agri or Construction companies.

For Telescopic loaders where special compensation hydraulic cylinders are we install extra 2 hydraulic pressure transducers

Weighing with highest standards or legal for trade – helping maximize loading efficiency

For most accurate weighing men use Topcon’s Loadmaster Alpha series scales. Both hydraulic scales (Alpha 50 and Alpha 100) available as legal for trade use when homologated on site.

Operation based on hydraulic pressure and monitoring position of the boom.

Advanced Loadmaster Alpha 100has extremely many operator features and safety for highest accuracy weighing.

Inclinometers fitted on chassis and boom give accurate position of weighing zones to system.

Hydraulic oil temperature sensors allows weighing only when oil temperature is high enough for accurate weighing results beside system compensates readings according to oil temperature.

Features above and also bucket sensor ensure for Alpha Loadmaster scales the very very accurate weighing results (less than 0,5 – 1 % accuracy) and the safe possibility to test them in legal for trade use.

For operators and the owners Alpha100 have never seen MySQL database inside the scale:

6 independent memory field for storing preset databases like Customer, Truck Plate Number, Material, Hauler or custom data.

Scale can be connected to Office servers vie GPRS or WiFi network so all information could be shown in real time remotely.

With Topcon iSosync addition one or more mobile scales can be connected into a local network where the owner can manage all loadings in his office computer:

Transferring or updating Databases and sending Orders (loading tasks) to machines and on the other hand receiving all load information in real time when truck is ready with filling.

With decades of experience, Tamtron scales provide one of the most reliable measurement services on the market.

Power series have advantage using both touchscreen operation and physical keyboard which ensure high reliability in all circumstances. Option for 2 upto 8 memory field to register different data to memorize and print for each loading.

One Power scale are a new opportunity with full touchscreen wide colour display and in connection Tamtron Wnexus it provide one of the widest opportunities for company managing all weights in one cloud-system.

For more information please contact our sales department right now!

Onboard Weighing Systems for Excavators:

Topcon Loadex 100 on-board weighing system is one of the best prompt solution when excavator is present to weigh.

With the ever increasing focus on productivity, LOADEX 100 has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments maximising tons per hour performance. Loading correctly first time eradicates return trips to the stockpile reducing vehicle movement, fuel usage and machine & tyre wear.

Loadex 100 Excavator has all approved features like Loadmaster Alpha100 by wheel loaders and providing superior weight accuracy and repeatability in even difficult conditions or terrains.

Theo Loadex 100 with Ultrasonic or Laser Bucket sensor is the only excavator scale on the market with accuracy +/- 1%!

With the many unique features and reliable weighing results Loadex is most popular scale for excavators working in quarries or on road construction.

Available for 10 attachments (different buckets) with target load function to make operators’ life easy.

Lear more about Loadex from Topcon sites! >>>

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