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Portable and low-profile weigh bridges – easy installation

EURO BRIDGE truck scales

Portable and low-profile weigh bridges – easy installation

Robust steel structure built concrete or steel-ramp weigh bridges to be installed into Pit oron a horizontal concrete surface.

Due modular structure weigh bridges are avalilble in capacitay and size of

7m – 30 tons

6 m – 20 tons

12 m – 40 tons

Or the most common verison of 18 meter and 60 tons.

The Steel weigh bridges can be used for permanent or intermittent usedueall of them could be disassembled and moved into another working area.

                Easy installation:

The modules are connected with special „click-on” technology so assembly is only a half a day.

For the assembly of the bridge is only a wheel loader, excavator or a 1.5tons for klift truck is enough.

                Easy transport:

All modules are less weight than 800-1000kg so assemly and transport is easy, the total weight of United 18m/60tons scale is only 6.8 tons. The modules are maximum 1,5 metre wide so no special transport or licenses required for transporting from one to another place.

Steel structure is made in Poland with high-resistance anticorrosion painting with option of special colouring. Weighing electronicsis fromGermanRinstrum so the legal for trade approval is not a problem.

All weigh bridges can be combined with our WWS Axle Load control system to provide the highest safety for your transport.



A dual-track really movable weigh bridge. Total weigh only 5.800 kgs with dimensions of panels 1mx6m for easy transport. Available capacities are 20/40 or 60 tons.

General use: temporary road construction depots, low trafic building material shops


The full surface truck scale with full services. PRO model is most comfortable truck scale with easy and quick installation. Available capacity as by United model.

General use: for permanent or temporary solutions built on to a flat surface or sinked into a pit (levelled installation).


Really heavy-duty model from steel-concrete. Timeless version for in-built applications. Use only for fixed places as permanent use for high trafic depots or commercial places.

RAM model is lower investment with more expensive installation costs.


Is the model for really tight use: where height dimsension or the depth of the pitsare limited the dual track DTW scale is the perfect solution with its only 22 cm height. The modular system can be built from 15 tonsup to 80 tons with lenght 22,5 meters.

General use: places where installation dimensions are limited.

EUROBRIDGE CONCEPT  – to make your life easy

All truck scale weigh bridges work not only as an independent scale but can be supplemented with many new and use ful options from one hand:

To control entering and departuring trafic we offer the red/green trafic lights, barriers (from 4 meter supto 8 meters) and inductive loops to detect and ensure safety.

The large external display help stoover view weighings and informs drivers about legal loads.

The complete semi-automatic orfull-automatic EUROBRIDGE Weighing Software completes system for a total autonomous Quarry Management System.

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