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Traffic control systems: barriers, traficlights, LED panels, inductive loops, detection

EUROSYNC quarry management system

Trafic Control and Datamanagement

Goal of the Quarry Management System is to accelerate and cost-effectively perform internal and external transportation tasks with a significantly increased level of human and work-protection, and to enable real-time accounting and reporting for rapid management decisions while ensuring increased regulatory compliance.

The main features of the Automatic Quarry Access System

  • Accurate and fast service of external Customers arriving in Quarry without human
  • Administration of Customers and Transports
  • Supporting the tasks of Quarry’s loadings, safe material and logistics flows, protection of goods
  • Control and management and accounting of Internal Delivery / Stock management
  • Integrated and real-time data delivery to customer ERP system and real time Reports for managers
  • Perform automated documentation, access tasks and loading processes
  • Enhanced Work and Accident Protection, Goods and Property Protection

In combination of idea of Topcon iSosync the EUROSYNC Quarry Management System consists of the following modules:

  1. Registration Modul / WebApp: to pre-register transports from quarry (for Haulers)
  2. Traffic Control Module: controlling of barriers, traffic lights, inductive loops, external displays
  3. Interface Module: to connect system to customer’s ERP system – datatransfer of databases, orders, loadings, etc.
  4. Delivery Note or Invoice Module
  5. MIM Management Information Module: detailed and custom-fit management reports for PC and Smartphone with excel, xml
  6. Mobile Equipment Module: to transmit loading tasks to mobile loading machines like wheel loaders, excavators or belt systems – direct task management for on-board scales or PDAs/tablets
  7. Stock / Warehouse Module: for internal stock management
  8. Asses Module: control incoming and outgoing vehicles information right on the first weighing point (weighbridge)

System components:

Standard or custom fir weighbridges ##linked-to

Touchscreen Weighing Terminals to let Truck Drivers manage information without getting out of the vehicle

Automatic barriers 4 or 6 meters with infrared safety

LED traffic lights to give green or red sign for stopping or starting

Inductive loops to monitor vehicles’ movements

Large LED external displays to inform Drivers about loading points or schedules (or any emergency information)

Topcon A100 on-board weighing systems or industrial PDA/tablets fixed into loaders receiving, displaying and confirming loading tasks

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